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Indigenous Planet

Native Safe Space

Indigenous from Around the World
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Welcome!! This community is new so please bear with us while we break the community in.

This community was made so that Indigenous from all over the world can come in to learn from another and share our stories. In this community, you can discuss anything: positive or negative anecdotes/current events/politics. This is an Indigenous safe space--- so those of you who are not Indigenous/Native/Aboriginal/Romani/Ndn/etc. are not welcome! Nothing personal but you can go to plenty of other native communities and be welcomed. Please be aware this is not a place for folks that are not Indigenous to learn nor are you entitled to be given information; however, Lost Birds* are welcome to join and participate. This place is meant for Indigenous to relax and share. You will be banned if you harass, or invalidate any Indigenous member's opinions. I did not have the space to put in the name of every country and if your country name isn't in here, come in anyway!

Also, if you have just discovered you have Indigenous roots, please realize that this community is not here to teach you. Please contact any local organizations that will help you out with finding your way and we wish you luck. You are welcome to read and learn.

This community is for:

This community does not tolerate:
-cultural appropriation
-trolling (which is why we have moderated membership)

For those of you who want to learn about Racial Priviledge and learn about Indigenous people, please go visit debunkingwhite, indi_issues, or nativeamerican. You'll have a better time there since most people in THIS community have already "been there and done that" with educating but it tends to blow up in our faces.

For those of you coming in, please introduce yourselves!

Country you live in:
Country you identify with:
What Indigenous Group do you identify with:
Languages spoken:
Did you grow up with the culture?
What is the biggest misconception about your culture/country:
Please tell us more about yourself!:

*Lost Birds are folk that are Indigenous but were either adopted or they did not grow up with their Indigenous side of the family. These are folk that were not given their culture for a reason or other and are very closely related to the Indigenous family member(s).

Sister communities: ndnz & se_ndnz
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