Cass (kaska) wrote in indigenous_intl,

Name: Cass (cassandra)
Country you live in: Australia
Country you identify with: Indigenous Australia
What Indigenous Group do you identify with: Koori, Awabakal tribe (Newcastle area)
Languages spoken: English
Did you grow up with the culture? Not when i was little... my dad was in the Army and as a result my family moved around the country quite a bit - as a child this took me away from my indigenous roots.
Once i was in high school i actively sort to find out more about my culture and history, i started a support group within my school for indigenous students and became very close to my nans sisters who are elders within the Awabakal tribe , i organized a petition which was sent to our prime minister regarding "sorry day"
and i was presented with a certificate from the department of education for my work in promoting indigenous Australia
What is the biggest misconception about your culture/country: That we are all drunk dole bludgers seeking to rip off the government
Please tell us more about yourself!: I live in Sydney Australia, i have just arrived back from the US where i was traveling for around 4 months..
The koori travels through my mothers blood line (though i am darker then her which is a little strange) :}
i have 1 brother.
I live with 2 girls, 1 who i have been friends with since i was 11.
I love hanging out with my friends and i am a keen photographer.. :)
Great move starting this community - im really keen to hear about the indigenous cultures overseas
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