Siempre caigo en los mismos errores.. (bellvampress) wrote in indigenous_intl,
Siempre caigo en los mismos errores..

MOD POST: Changes

Dearest members,

After much talking amongst myself and the other mod here at indigenous_intl, we have decided to implement a few changes here and to reiterate a few things.

1) This community is an indigenous safe space. In other words, if you are interested in indigenous cultures and traditions, or want to be an "ally" to indigenous folk, that is all well and good, but from now on this community is for indigenous people only. We hope to not have to ban anyone, so if you do not identify as indigenous, please leave this comm. You'd be better served at nativeamerican or indi_issues (if you have a comm not native to the americas specific for this, please let me know). To be clear, Romani are indigenous. We are not close-minded here, nor do we intend to be America-specific.

2) For all new members, PLEASE do the intro survey. It feels odd to be in a community where some haven't introduced themselves! Really, it doesn't take much time at all, so I'd like to suggest that members who have yet to do this do theirs and for any new members please do this within 2 weeks of your joining.

3) The above being said, we are requesting that all entries from now on be friends-locked. This is a place for indigenous peoples to relate with one another and hold discussions, and friends-locking the entries will prevent any "flaming" from non-members. For any potential members, please read the userinfo before joining! If you have any questions, bellvampress & ardienteelsol are here to help.

4) Post away! :D And thank you for your time and being great members!
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