metachromatik (metachromatik) wrote in indigenous_intl,

new member intro

Name: metachromatik
Country you live in: US
Country you identify with: um, yeah.
What Indigenous Group do you identify with: i'm romani and couri said that we're welcome here. i'm also of cree ancestry but that doesn't exactly count as it's like 1/32 and i wasn't raised in the culture at all
Languages spoken: english, very small amounts of romani and high school spanish
Did you grow up with the culture? yes
What is the biggest misconception about your culture/country: culture: that it doesn't exist; country: that we have one and it's romania
Please tell us more about yourself!: you would like me if you got to know me, which was a lot easier before i'd developed a fear of internet strangers, as lj drama can do to you
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