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Austronesian origins

Lately I've been involved in a discussion with a young Chamorro from Guam named Brandon who claims he is also of Filipino and "Spaniard" (not Spanish, but later said Hispanic) ancestry. Basically the discussion is where the ancestors of Hawaiians and other Polynesians came from as well as the ancestors of the Chamorros and other Micronesians came from.

The old Express Train from Taiwan to Polynesia (ETTP) theory has been argued for a long time and has become controversial as they find new evidence that disputes that. That theory being that the people moved from the Taiwan area south towards the Philippines and further south to other parts of Southeast Asia and then into Melanesia and from there dispersed into Polynesia and Micronesia. Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia comprising areas of many islands in the Pacific Ocean. These group of original people which linguists have coined are known to be AUSTRONESIAN language people.

These people went as far west towards Madagascar, far east as Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and far north as the Hawaiian islands. My own map here shows a bit more on Polynesia.

This theory was based mostly on linguistic evidence and some archeological evidence and is pretty old as far as how long ago they've known this. But recent findings and better technology has helped shed light on this whole theory and has actually shed light on the true origins of both Melanesian and Polynesians.

The whole debate really was using the correct term for our ancestors. Brandon kept on referring to Austronesian and Austronesia as our homeland and I kept on correcting him. I posted 3 links for him to read pretty much pointing out how the ETTP theory has been argued based on Y chromosome DNA.

1) A Predominantly Indigenous Paternal Heritage for the Austronesian-Speaking Peoples of Insular Southeast Asia and Oceania This is research coming out of Stanford University's Genetic Dept.

2) Migration and complexity in Holocene Island Southeast Asia

3) The 'Express Train from Taiwan to Polynesia': on the congruence of proxy lines of evidence Stephen Oppenheimer's findings basically arguing the ETTP theory.

In the 2nd paper, Migration & Complexity in Holocene Island Southeast Asia, it was quoted how people like Brandon have been dangerously turning the adjective term - Austronesian into something more tangible. I kept telling him stop referring to his homeland as Austronesia and his ancestors as Austronesian, both are new terms and to "look into your own oral traditions" for answers.

I proceeded to tell him of the names of my ancestors and the places they come from. I pointed out how it was important for these traditions to be passed down so that we may not forget, not to know that we had our ancestors come from an area coined by scientists, etc. I stressed that he learn the names of the places his people came from, just as I have.

I will never understand people, especially indigenous people who give in to "science" and think that all of these recent findings are a breakthrough. In reality, at least with na Kanaka 'Oiwi (aboriginal Hawaiians), we've always known that our ancestors came from places known as Kahiki (Tahiti) and Polapola (Bora Bora) and Loloimehani, Nu'uhiwa (Nukuhiwa, Marquesas) and a place known as Kuaihelani, a place on an island known as Kanehunamoku. That is where my ancestors were from, not from a place known as "Austronesia". Many different ancestors of mine came from these various places and some were known as Wakea and Papa, Laka, Wahieloa, Kumuhonua, and so many others I could mention. Other Polynesians like the Maoris have their ancestors too like Langi and Papa (our Wakea and Papa), and their homeland of Rangiatea (Ra'iatea, Tahiti) and also Hawaiki. Our ancestors come from Ra'iatea too, but that island's name is a new one. The older name was Havai'i, the name of our ancient homeland. It is this name that we all know as the place of our ancestors, never will it be a coined name such as Austronesia and my ancestors will always be "Kanaka" to us, not Austronesian.
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