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Tamara Lynn (alda-siril)

Just an intro...

Name: Tamara

Country you live in: USA

Country you identify with: USA, Onondaga Nation, Haiti (Ayiti)

What Indigenous Group do you identify with: Onondaga (by blood), Haitian (by adoption)

Languages spoken: English, Haitian Kreyol (badly), various languages for my academic studies (German and a number of indigenous languages of the people of Egypt -- I'm an Egyptologist by trade)

Did you grow up with the culture? I did, but didn't realize what it was until I was an adult and figured out why my family was so "different" from other white families really was because it wasn't all white. (and I was adopted into a Haitian family in 2001, so I didn't grow up with that)

What is the biggest misconception about your culture/country: (Onondaga) That there aren't any more of us (Haitian) That Vodou is evil and the country is in a bad condition because its people are lazy heathens

Please tell us more about yourself!: I'm really shy, so these are hard questions to answer. I'm here to learn and to support. Although I learned about this community from the ndnz community that's actually the culture I know the least about at the moment, or at least formally anyway. I am constantly finding many things that the three indigenous groups I am associated with have in common, though I keep my beliefs and practices separate and try to respect them all including the European ones I have from my non-indigenous American ancestors.

Thanks for the invite.
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