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Name: Nehi

Country you live in: Tohono O'odham Country

Country you identify with: Cree-land aka Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, parts of Alberta, parts of country is NOT canada. rather, canada has plopped itself on top of my homelands/country and my nation is my people and my family.

What Indigenous Group do you identify with: Nehiyaw

Languages spoken: English & little bit Cree

Did you grow up with the culture? Yes. I was raised in the Bush. I have family that range from very traditional (cousins who speak only Cree and live off the land) to less traditional peeps and everyone in between.

What is the biggest misconception about your culture/country: That just because we wear western clothes, speak English, drive cars that we are not Cree.

Please tell us more about yourself!: im a tribal nationalist. my best friend is a worm. my immediate plans are to go to law school...i live in tucson but im moving back home soon. im the youngest. i think im related to deenojalapeno; she's my baby sis, furreals....i dunno. i guess you will know me through what i post.
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