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New member intro

Name:  Lisa

Country you live in: England (married an englishman and am divorcing that englishman)

Country you identify with:
I identify with my people and the places where we are; Its hard to identify overall with a country that actively egages in systematic apartheid against its indigenous population. and where we tend to be invisible in the mainstream.

What Indigenous Group do you identify with:
Nanticoke and Lenni Lenape Native Americans of Delaware and New Jersey. My family are mainly Nanticoke from Delaware.

Languages spoken: English, French

Did you grow up with the culture?
Not entirely, I grew up in the Philly, but spent summers in our tribal areas (DE, VA, MD, NJ).

What is the biggest misconception about your culture/country: 
That we Native Americans/First Nations people are all drunks, junkies and lazy . That we are rolling in money either from Casinos or the government. And the government really looks after us...  I could go on but I need to stop lol

Please tell us more about yourself!:
Graphic Designer/Digital Artist/Writer now living in London. The Day job is in investment banking, but I also write and co-edit a Pan-African Magazine based in the UK.
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